Topical Preparations

Ointments, creams, and lotions are all topical products that you can apply to your skin. Some of them are simply cosmetic products, while others are medications.

Ointments: Ointments tend to feel greasy. The skin may appear glossy or shiny after using an ointment. They are usually thick and heavy. An ointment usually forms a thick barrier or protective layer on top of your skin.

Creams: Compared to ointments, creams are not as heavy & thick. Creams also tend to have a more cosmetically-pleasing appearance.

Lotions: Lotions are non-greasy products which are thinner than ointments & creams. It covers larger surface areas on the body.

These differences in appearances and textures are due to the various amounts of oil and water they each contain. Ointments are generally 80% oil - 20% water, and creams are typically 50% oil - 50% water. Lotions contains more water than oil.


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